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New Jersey Contractors & Painters With A Family Touch

Brothers Marquart Painting & Remodeling is a family owned and operated New Jersey contractors business fronted by the “brothers” Matt, Brad and Darren. The brothers and their hard-working team bring clients their home renovating and remodeling projects to life in Bergen, Essex and Passaic Counties, as well as other areas of NJ.

Brothers Marquart offer a variety top-notch, reliable, and professional painting, remodeling and renovating services, making clients their one-stop shop for all their home renovation needs.

Gold Star New Jersey Painters and Contractors: Trustworthy Master “Artisans” of The Trade

From start to finish, Brothers Marquart stands above the pack of New Jersey painters and contractors by:

  • Ensuring that one of the owners is always onsite for your home painting, renovation and remodeling needs– each and every day, no matter the project size.
  • Handling every detail, even down to clean up—they’ll never leave you to tidy up after their mess. They do the dirty work to make your house clean, pristine and beautiful.
  • Attending to each client’s needs with impeccable responsiveness—say goodbye to messy painting and home contracting disasters!

Contractors in New Jersey Offer The Brothers’ Bond: To Treat Your Home As Theirs

The Brothers Marquart know that when clients trust them with one of their most precious investments—their homes—it’s their job to treat each project with the utmost respect and care.

That’s the difference between Brothers Marquart and other painters and contractors in New Jersey: they offer their “bond” to treat your home as if it were their own.

True professionals, the team (serving clients primarily in Bergen, Essex and Passaic Counties and greater North Jersey) give their complete attentiveness on each and every project with the expertise, passion and the thoroughness that home painting, renovating and remodeling requires. No job is too small and no job is too large for this team of 3 brothers, plus their 5 hard-working, experienced employees.


The Brothers specialize in a variety of services, making your remodeling and renovating dreams a reality, such as:

If you imagine it or envision it, the Brothers Marquart can create it.

A fully-licensed Painting and Contracting company, the brothers offer a 100% guarantee on all of their work and actively participate in every phase of your home renovation and remodeling project.

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NJ Contractors Who Truly Are, Artisans of The Craft

It’s not enough to just hear how fantastic the Brothers Marquart are. The bottom line is, when it comes to home painting, remodeling and
renovations, photographs say a thousand words.

View our gallery to see both before and after photos of various painting, remodeling, renovation and installation projects we have done.

Read our customers’ testimonials to get a sense of the dedication, expertise and pride that comes across in every job this family-owned business of NJ contractors does.

Ready to start your home project today?

From carpentry to stone work and beyond, Brothers Marquart Painting & Remodeling give each project their time, attention and bond, treating your home as if it were theirs.

To get a consultation and start your home painting and renovating project off on the right foot, contact Matt, Brad and Darren at 201-613-2509 today.